Guzarish – Sensitive and Brilliant Effort

I saw Guzaarish last evening… One word to describe the movie is “Brilliant”.  It requires immense character for attempting a movie on such a sensitive topic. Hats off to Sanjay for portraying this in such a balanced and beautiful way.  Hrithik is just out of the world. I sometime feel; how taxing it would have been for him to portray this character. He took the biggest risk of his professional career. Well done Hrithik… you have succeeded in providing dignity to all such patients in the world.

Many years back my dad told me that the best movies are the ones that have..1. Unity of place. 2. Unity of time. 3. Unity of character. This movie has demonstrated all these best practices. The story revolves around a protagonist and few characters; it is based during a finite time period and narrates the story at one given location. All this make this movie a benchmark in story narration.

Sanjay is a dreamer and I think he is also a painter. All his scenes look to me as a paintings coming straight from his dreams. Each frame is so detailed and you will just be mesmerized by the visual portrayal. His passion for details is evident in all across this two hour visual and soul searching delight. I think no one other than Sanjay could have managed to pull this off.

Movies like this are rare and they hit you hard and ask you to sit back and take a pause from ones busy self centered lives. I would like to congratulate the complete team in helping me learn to cherish the life that god has given me. So toast to LIFE  “Live fully, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, never regret any thing that made you smile…”


About Amitesh Srivastava
I have over eight years' experience in IT and Business Consulting. I have been involved in business analysis, consulting and client management for reputed clients across life sciences domain, and possess good understanding of various commercial systems managing pharma sales and marketing processes

2 Responses to Guzarish – Sensitive and Brilliant Effort

  1. Sure thing im gonna watch this movie!!

    Thanks for the feedback!



  2. Anuj Kumbhat says:

    Doesn’t too much atmospheric detailing make the movie boring. I found this commonality in most of SLB movies. Be it Saawariya, Devdas, Black…he spends lot of time and energy on canvasses and characters at times overdoing them.

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